Pangea People

This is the important part of our business.  People.


Mike Smith, CEO and Founder

After spending fifteen years in the environmental consulting industry, I saw a great need for improvements in the efficiency and cost containment of waste hauling and disposal for my clients. All too often their waste programs were fattening the hauler’s bottom line at the expense of their own. Every month, small businesses to large corporations spend a considerable amount of their operating budget on the collection, transportation, and disposal of solid wastes.

Pangea Waste Systems, LLC was formed to help companies examine, modify, and dramatically reduce their waste disposal costs. Most businesses don’t have the time, personnel, or industry knowledge to identify problems in their waste removal programs.

Pangea Waste Systems, LLC is able to quickly pinpoint where you are losing money, identify billing errors, and pursue refund opportunities for overcharges.

 At Pangea Waste Systems, LLC, our mission is to provide solutions that help our clients  answer the following question, “Why would a company produce a product it can’t sell, call it a waste, and then pay someone to haul it away, based on their advice?”  In other words, your waste hauling vendor is sending you a bill each month, and they are determining how big that bill will be! Not exactly an ideal situation for you and your company.