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Big Boy Restaurants International, LLC  

"I wanted to personally thank you and Pangea Waste Systems for helping Big Boy to reduce our monthly trash bills. Taking out the trash is not the most glamorous aspect of the restaurant business, but a necessary one. Through your efforts we have significantly slashed our costs, and improved our net bottom line. The services were performed in a professional manner, without tying up our critical operations personnel. 

I am very pleased with the results, and would not hesitate to recommend your services to other area businesses. We are looking forward to having you deliver the same great results for our franchisee operators.

R. Geromette

Executive Vice President



Big Boy, America's favorite Family Restaurant!

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Fox Hills Golf & Banquet Center  

"As a busy golf course and banquet facility, I rely on my staff to make sound business decisions when it comes to our expenses, but I also know they can't be experts on every cost detail. When approached by Mike Smith, the decision to bring him aboard as a consultant was an easy one.

Mike was able to lower our trash costs by 35%, money that can now be invested in other areas. I would encourage other golf courses and banquet facilities to retain Pangea Waste Systems. I feel the services are extremely valuable and require little effort on the part of the business owner or management team. As I see it, it's a win-win situation."

K. Aznavorian

President & CEO


Fox Hills is one of Southeast Michigan's premiere venues for Golf and Golf-related events.

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Cooperative Services, Inc.  

Absolutely incredible! Mike Smith of Pangea Waste Systems has recently saved my company tens of thousands of dollars.

He has audited our trash removal expenses and found errors that I would have had no way of knowing that they even existed, much less how to correct them. Pangea Waste Systems uncovered tens of thousands of dollars in billing errors, overcharges, and service inefficiencies. The savings that Mr. Smith delivered will help to offset the rising water and energy rate increases at our properties.

The service Mr. Smith offers is indeed a unique one. I highly recommend Mike Smith and Pangea Waste Systems. Your company can not afford to let this opportunity pass you by!  

M. Atkinson

National Operations Manager

Cooperative Services, Inc.


Cooperative Services owns and manages over 40 seniors co-op apartment buildings in MI, MD, MA and CA.

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Royal Oak Manor Co-op Apartments  

This letter is to inform you of a service that you will find very lucrative for your company. I am speaking directly from own experience. 

Mr. Mike Smith of Pangea Waste Systems, recently headed an audit of our building's trash removal expenses.  The results were astonishing!  Pangea Waste Systems and Mike Smith saved our building thousands of dollars. The monetary reasons are just one aspect of why I would recommend Mr. Smith and Pangea Waste Systems.  His manner of service was one of a very professional, prompt, and courteous nature. This, coupled with the substantial savings generated from the project have encouraged me to spread the word about Mr. Smith and Pangea Waste Systems.

Ruth Shelton, President

Building Council


Royal Oak Manor is a 245 unit seniors apartment building in downtown Royal Oak.

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Gordon Food Service   

Dear Mike:

On behalf of Gordon Food Service, I want to thank you and your company for significantly lowering our annual trash removal costs. We now know that these expenses are in line, and that the service we receive from our vendor going forward will be prompt and responsive. Itís also nice to know that our recyclables program will be constantly monitored by your office to take advantage of spot market opportunities that I would have no idea are occurring.

Mike, I was a bit skeptical about hiring you and your company. Most consultants give me answers to problems that I already know how to fix.  The results you generated for us are real and substantial, and have given me the confidence to begin using your services at our other regional distribution centers.  I would be very happy to refer your company to other businesses who want to contain their trash removal costs.


Dan Cutting

Facilities Manager

Brighton, Michigan DC


Proudly servicing more than 30,000 customers in 10 states in the US and throughout Canada

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Briarwood Ford    

Dear Mike: 

I would absolutely recommend your services to other area businesses.  We had never considered our monthly trash removal costs as a potential source for savings.  I was amazed when you audited our facilities, made recommendations, and implemented your advice which is going to save us thousands of dollars over the next few years.

Every business operation generates some form of waste, and stands to benefit from your services.  The best part is that the whole process was painless for my staff.  I would encourage other businesses to take advantage of Pangeaís waste cost reduction services.  Iím glad we did.



Steven H. Whitener

Vice President/Partner


Briarwood Ford will strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, employees and community. We will work to continuously provide the highest quality of service with a sense of warmth, friendliness, company spirit, and individual pride.

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