The Pangea Waste "System" 

1.  Waste and Recycling Audit 

We examine how your hauling vendors are managing your waste streams and closely assess your unique disposal needs. 

2.  Waste Management Evaluation 

We rate your current disposal system against similar client benchmarks to make sure you’re spending only what is necessary for your trash and recycling programs. Our local market intelligence, compiled from previous projects, guarantees that your company’s trash removal costs will be similar to operations like yours. 

3.  Develop Recommendations

We formulate a list of the most cost-efficient options to improve your programs.  You pick the best options which we then implement on your behalf. 

4.  Implement Procedures

We work with your trash and recycling vendors to put in place the most cost effective disposal programs for your company. You’re free to work on more important aspects of your business. 

5.  Continuing Project Support 

We continue to monitor your new practices and procedures to ensure your waste disposal program is right-sized for your company, and that our recommendations are being adhered to by your trash hauler and recycling vendors.